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12 Ways To Reduce Your Air Conditioning Cost This Summer

If your like most of us, we are always looking to save money on energy cost. Below is a quick list of twelve ways to reduce your air conditioning cost this summer.

  1. Stay cool, but not too cool! – The first place to reduce your air conditioning cost is with setting the thermostat to a cool, but not too cool setting. Our customers find they can easily stay pretty cool at 75°F to 78°F. In many cases you can save upwards of 5% in cooling cost for every degree you raise your thermostat.
  2. Don’t trick your thermostat – A thermostats job is to sense heat and adjust to keep you cool. Things like televisions, lamps, PC”s and direct sun light all impact the heat in your home. By turning off these items or pulling down shades will keep your home cooler and reduce your air conditioning cost this summer.
  3. Slow and easy wins the race – When that first hot day comes and you’re ready to turn on your air conditioner, take it easy and set the thermostat to the desired temperature.  Many people will crank the temperature way down to try and boost the cold air. This does not work and will only increase your air conditioning cost. Remember our goal is to reduce your air conditioning cost.
  4. Keep the air flowing – Air flow is very important to keeping a consistent temperature in your home. Make sure that nothing is blocking your vents. When the cool air can circulate with ease, it reduces the need for more cooling, thus reducing your air conditioning cost.
  5. Keep it clean – An easy way to reduce your air conditioning cost is to clean and/or replace your filters monthly. Dirty air filters restrict the air flow and reduce efficiencies.  To make this task even easier we have a Filter Program which delivers filter right to your home! Heck, we will even send you a reminder email monthly so you do not forget.
  6. Get a little help from your friends – Many newer systems do a really good job at removing the hot air from your home, but homes with older systems might struggle to keep up.  In these homes you want to install a whole home ventilating fan in the attic.  Removing extra warm air from your home will create less stress on your system and reduce your air conditioning cost.  A low cost solution would also be to install a window or two.
  7. It’s always cooler in the shade – Just like sitting under a big oak tree on a hot day, it’s always cooler in the shade. Your home is no different, the more you keep the sunlight out the cooler it will be. Make sure to close the blinds that take direct sunlight.  It’s amazing how a little shade can help to reduce your air conditioning cost.
  8. Get sun glasses for your windows – Just like sun glasses protect your eyes from sunlight, window tinting and reflective window film will protect your home from sunlight and unwanted heat. The less heat in your home, the less your air conditioner will run, thus helping to reduce your air conditioning cost. Window film has an added benefit, whereas it also protects your furniture, carpet, and hardwood from fading over time.
  9. Share the cool air – If you have room fans or ceiling fans, turn them on! Moving the cool air around your home will help to even the temperature and reduce the demand, and this will help reduce your air conditioning cost.
  10. Hose it down – Once a year you should spray down (with low pressure water) your outside unit (the condenser). Make sure to turn off the unit at the thermostat before doing this. A clean outside unit will help to make your system more efficient and reduce your air conditioning cost.
  11. Seal it up tight – Often times you will have air leaks in the exposed duct work on or around your main heating and air conditioning unit in your basement. Use metal tape (found at your local big orange box) to seal up those leaks. Sealing these leaks will get more air upstairs to the rest of the house where it belongs. This will reduce demand for cool air and reduce your air conditioning cost.
  12. Going green helps – Like we said it about shade, so why not give back to the planet while reducing your air conditioning cost by planting some trees. This not only helps the environment, but it also will reduce your air conditioning cost by providing shade on those sunny sides of your home.
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