You either have an air conditioner or heat pump system cooling to your home.  Both systems operate in almost identical ways when it comes to the cooling season.  These units (called condensing units) are located on the exterior of your home.  Depending on your system type, you will have a furnace or air handler (in the case of a heat pump system) located either in your basement, attic, closet, etc.  inside your home.  An evaporator coil sits on top of your furnace or inside the air handler cabinet and copper tubing containing refrigerant connects the condensing unit and the evaporator coil.

This copper tubing runs throughout both indoor and outdoor coils.  The refrigerant within the tubing absorbs the heat from your home’s air at the indoor coil resulting in the cool air you feel when the system is running.  The furnace or air handler contains a blower which pulls air through the return ducts, across your air filter, through the evaporator coil (where it is cooled) and distributes it throughout your home via the supply ducts.

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