While our summer’s been unusually mild in Montgomery County this year, you may still have noticed that even if your first floor is comfortable, your second story is sweltering. Or maybe it’s your basement that’s freezing. To some extent, these are natural fluctuations because warm air rises, but a dramatic difference, may be part of a larger issue with air flow in your home.

Ducts carry air from your air conditioner, furnace and/or heat pump and distribute it throughout the house. As air travels away from the heating or cooling source, it naturally loses some of its temperature. However, when you have leaky ducts, you wind up wasting air that you’ve paid good money to condition and make your home less comfortable at the same time. It’s a bad deal all around.

Don’t worry—there are some quick and easy fixes to make your ducts more air-tight. One of our favorite tools when working with clients in Rockville, Germantown and other cities is Aeroseal. Aeroseal is a spray that actually seals ducts from the inside out. A sealant is injected into the vent system. Tiny molecules are suspended in the air and pushed through your ductwork as your HVAC system runs. When air tries to escape through a leak, the molecules crash into the wall and seal the tiny hole. At the end of the process, your home is more efficient and you should notice a difference in your temperature in those problem areas.

Aeroseal is a great fix if your system is otherwise working properly, but if you’re looking at replacing your furnace and air conditioner, a good HVAC company will also look at your ductwork to make sure it can properly handle the incoming and outgoing airflow without putting undue stress on your heat exchange. Make sure your company always thoroughly investigates your duct system to make sure it can handle your airflow.

At GAC Cooling & Heating (Gaithersburg Air Conditioning & Heating), we always audit your ductwork system to make sure it’s working to its fullest potential and not wasting your hard-earned money or contributing to an uncomfortable house. We’ll have a solution for you, whether that’s using Aeroseal or otherwise sealing and rearranging your ducts for maximum efficiency. Call us today for more information.  877.448.2366

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