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Is Your Heat Pump Leaking Money?

Posted on

Many times, we’ll head out to a Montgomery or Frederick County home for a cooling check and we’ll notice that a heat pump isn’t cooling the home because it is low on refrigerant. Adding a pound of refrigerant to keep …

A Humidifier Is an Investment in Your Home

Posted on

Most of the time when you hear about humidifiers, it’s because they make the people in your home more comfortable. That’s absolutely true; a humidifier can help soothe dry skin and chapped lips and reduce those pesky static shocks. But …

Why Does My Furnace Smell Like…?

Posted on

When something goes awry with your furnace, you’ll often notice an accompanying smell. In this blog post, our goal is help you associate those furnace smells with the necessary repairs. And, of course, if you decide you need furnace repair …

Is Geothermal Heating Worth It?

Posted on

Geothermal heating is becoming increasingly popular these days. If you’re reading this blog post, chances are you’ve heard of geothermal heating and are wondering if it really can save you money on your heating and cooling bills in Maryland. The …

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