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Is Your Heat Pump Freezing Up?

Posted on

First of all, it’s important to note that it’s normal for external heat pumps to develop some frost in the winter. Most heat pumps have a defrosting mechanism that will periodically melt this icy coating to ensure proper operation. But …

When Do You Need an HVAC Second Opinion?

Posted on

Have you ever gone to the doctor and felt there was something not quite right about their recommendation? In that case, you go get a second opinion. Sometimes they confirm that the first doctor was right, but sometimes they find …

What Is a Forced Air Furnace?

Posted on

When it comes to heating your home, you have many different options. You want your home to be heated evenly throughout and for your system to be able to keep up with your home’s heating demands—all while still being economical. …

Reduce Leaks and Drafts with Aeroseal

Posted on

Did your mom or dad ever scold you to shut the door because “we’re not paying to heat the outdoors”? Even if you’ve got all your doors and windows shut and locked, chances are you still are paying to heat …

4 Ways to Improve Indoor Winter Air Quality

Posted on

Have you found yourself sniffling, sneezing or wheezing lately? It might not be a cold. During the winter months, the air quality in your house can become a problem. While some air from the outside is still entering and exiting …

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