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4 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Winter Heating Bills

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Here in Montgomery County, we’re several months into winter. Are you already getting tired of seeing those sky-high heating bills? Even if you turn your thermostat down, you might still find yourself shivering and paying way too much. But there …

Types of Heat Pumps

Posted on

Geothermal. Ductless. Ground source. You’ve heard the buzzwords, but what do they mean? If you’re clueless about varieties of heat pump, or just want to learn more, read on. What Is a Heat Pump? A heat pump is a heating …

What Is a Dual Fuel Heat Pump?

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A dual-fuel heat pump is a “hybrid” heating and cooling system that combines an electric health pump with either a gas or oil system. Dual-fuel systems are extremely efficient because a computer can control which method it uses to heat …

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