It’s somehow both easy to explain and hard to explain what an air handler does. That’s because it, quite literally, handles your air. But I think we can do better than that!

Most HVAC systems have an outdoor unit and an indoor unit (a “split” system). The indoor unit is the air handler. Without an air handler, you would likely experience poor air circulation in your home as well as poor indoor air quality. Consisting of an air filter, coil, and blower, when an air handler is properly installed, it will help increase your home’s comfort by ensuring that warm and cool air from your furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner reaches every area of your home.

To put it simply, it’s a pretty damn important part of your HVAC equipment.

Types of Air Handlers

Single speed air handler – This type of air handler has a fan motor that operates at one fixed speed.

Five speed air handler – A five speed air handler will offer more precision than a single speed one. Ultimately, the more speeds your air handle offers, the more effective your air circulation will be the more efficiently and quietly your system will operate.

Variable speed air handlers – A variable speed handler comes equipped with a variable speed blower motor to vary the speed of your fan based on your home’s comfort requirements (determined by you—the homeowner). This can be helpful when it comes to controlling humidity levels, improving your indoor air quality, and achieving a consistent temperature in your home.

Insulated air handler – If you’re interested in super-quiet operation, look for an insulated air handler.

Hydronic air handler – These air handlers are designed to work with boilers.

Air Handler Repair

Like the rest of your HVAC equipment, your air handler can become run down and require repairs. So if you need air handler repair or any other HVAC repairs in the Frederick or Gaithersburg, MD areas, contact GAC Cooling & Heating. We offer up-front pricing and 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed. Call us today!

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