Most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about their air ducts. But did you know that sealed and insulated ducts can make your home more comfortable and energy efficient? Did you also know that energy efficient is basically code for saving money on your monthly utility bills?

There are several signs that your home could benefit from duct sealing:

  • High utility bills
  • Rooms that are too hot in the winter/too cold in the summer
  • Excessive dust in your home

When you have leaky air ducts, it reduces the efficiency of your home’s HVAC systems. Duct sealing can therefore help save you money by increasing the efficiency of your system’s performance and therefore lowering your energy bills.

Of course there are other benefits to duct sealing:

  • Duct sealing can help improve your home’s indoor air quality.
  • It also reduces the risk of backdrafting, if you have a gas furnace or water heater.
  • Since duct sealing helps conserve energy, it’s also a great way to minimize your home’s environmental impact.

Schedule a Duct Sealing Appointment with GAC

At GAC Cooling & Heating, we offer duct sealing in the Gaithersburg and Frederick, MD areas. We’ve come to trust Aeroseal when it comes to sealing our customer’s air ducts. We find it to be the most cost effective way to reduce duct leakage and to help them save money on their energy bills.

How does it work? Aeorseal is an aerosol spray which is injected into your ducts. As tiny holes in your duct draw air toward it, the Aeroseal particles smack right into them, sealing them up tight. Now, air moves through your ducts the way it’s supposed to, and into the areas of your home where you most need comfort. The whole process takes just a few hours and can reduce leaks by up to 98 percent.

The duct sealing treatment comes with a 10 year warranty, and often customers see energy savings within 2-3 years that totally pay for the cost of the sealing. All in all, it’s a great solution for your wallet and for your overall comfort.

Contact us today for an estimate on duct sealing in the Gaithersburg or Frederick, MD areas!

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