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4 Ways to Improve Indoor Winter Air Quality

Have you found yourself sniffling, sneezing or wheezing lately? It might not be a cold. During the winter months, the air quality in your house can become a problem. While some air from the outside is still entering and exiting through windows, seams around doors and so on, most of your air is recycled through your forced air heating system. That means the same air full of allergens, bacteria and dust just keeps re-circulating around and around. But you don”t have to live with the discomfort of all that dirty air. Here are four tips for breathing easier this winter.

  1. Change your furnace air filter. This just can”t be stressed enough. As your furnace circulates air through your home, it all passes through the air filter again and again. You might think that will help indoor air quality, and it will—provided it”s clean. Follow manufacturer”s instructions, but a good rule of thumb is to at least check your air filter once a month. If it”s visibly dirty, you need to change it. If you’re still feeling wheezy, you might consider an air purifier or air cleaner with a HEPA filter for the best protection and air filtration.
  2. Get a whole home humidifiers. Many people try to combat winter dryness with small, individual humidifier units, but that”s a Band-Aid solution. Your best bet to avoid sore throats, dry nasal passages and irritating static shocks is by getting a whole home humidifier. These work through your HVAC ducts to deliver soothing moisture throughout your home. You”ll breathe easier, feel better and not have to worry about fiddling with those small individual units.
  3. Consider an air purifier. These are especially useful for people who suffer from allergies. Most people expect that allergies will be better in the winter, since most plants are dormant, but in reality, many people suffer in the winter because of dirty indoor air re-circulating. When a simple HVAC HEPA filter isn”t doing the job, considering upgrading to an air purifier, which will remove pet dander, pollen, dust and other irritants from the air. Just like a whole home humidifier, these can work through your HVAC system to give you comfort anywhere in your home.
  4. Get a house plant. Okay, this one isn”t exactly proven to work, but there is research that indicates that owning a houseplant can help your family feel better. Plants breathe in carbon dioxide, which is what we breathe out. They, in turn, create oxygen. It”s an awesome system that benefits you and the plant, plus helps give your home a tiny burst of new air. So don”t underestimate that ficus—it might just be improving your indoor air quality.

If you”re interested in any of these solutions, contact Gaithersburg Air. We work with homeowners in Frederick and Montgomery Counties live healthier, more comfortable lives. We”d love to help you, too.

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