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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Potomac, MD

Just like a car, your air conditioner needs regular maintenance. In fact, almost all AC manufacturers recommend annual inspections of their systems. Your system may be running, but is it running efficiently? Without air conditioning maintenance, you risk shortening the life of your equipment and spending too much on energy and repair costs.

If you need air conditioning maintenance in the Potomac, MD area, contact GAC Cooling & Heating (Gaithersburg Air Conditioning & Heating). We offer air conditioning maintenance plans, in addition to AC repair and AC installation services in the Montgomery County and Frederick County areas. Sign up for a maintenance plan with GAC today!

Why Schedule Air Conditioner Maintenance?

Most manufacturers recommend regular air conditioner maintenance for their systems. In fact, some won’t honor your warranty if you don’t schedule regular tune-ups. The additional benefits of scheduling air conditioner maintenance include:

  • avoiding costly air conditioner repairs
  • improving the efficiency of your equipment
  • increasing the life of your air conditioner
  • reducing the number of in-season break downs

Ultimately, regular air conditioner maintenance and tune-ups are an important part of having and maintaining an efficient and reliable cooling system.

Potomac AC Maintenance Plans with GAC Cooling & Heating

At GAC Cooling & Heating, we offer Peak Performance Maintenance Agreement plans to further protect your AC from inconvenient breakdowns, high repair costs, shortened equipment life, and other AC repairs in Potomac, MD. With the current high cost of energy, it’s extremely important to keep your system in good condition. When you neglect your AC, you pay for it, in terms of wasted energy and higher repair costs.

Our Peak Performance Maintenance Agreement is designed to give you peace of mind knowing that your system was checked by a professional. With our AC maintenance plan, if you need anything, we are only a phone call away. As a member of our maintenance program you’ll receive:

  • Priority Service – Your calls automatically move to the top of the list.
  • Seasonal Tune-ups – We will tune-up your HVAC system twice a year. This helps keep your system operating at maximum efficiency and reduces the chance of an in-season breakdown.
  • Twenty Percent off Repairs – In the event that you do have a breakdown, you’ll receive 20 percent off on the repair.
  • Loyalty Discount – Your membership is locked in at your current rate for as long as you continue to renew.

In addition to our Peak Performance Maintenance Agreement, we can also cover your humidifier and air cleaner maintenance. This includes cleaning, checking, and replacing your humidifier pads and cleaning checking, and replacing your air cleaner filters.

Sign Up for an Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan in Potomac

Click here for AC maintenance pricing or complete the Peak Performance Plan request form to receive more information. If you have questions about our air conditioning maintenance plans, please call us today.

What Our Potomac, MD Customers Have to Say About Us

Mike, Shawn, Jason & Brian were terrific and professional. Overall excellent customer service. Thank you!!!
-Elina Khurgel, Potomac

You are a true gem in today’s pool of service providers. Honest, frank and service oriented. Thanks.
-Kathy Korda, Potomac

We are extremely pleased with your service. Today’s installation crew was outstanding in terms of workmanship, timeliness, courtesy, etc. Also, Jason did an excellent job helping us to decide on the unit to purchase.
-August Spector, Potomac

The workmen were extremely courteous and professional. I highly recommend them.
-Jerry Joseph, Potomac

Consistently good work and friendly and thoughtful service.
-Allan Kukalow, Potomac

I have been a satisfied customer for over 25 years. I am impressed that over that time, your colleagues have always been punctual, problems are fixed the first time, services are reasonably priced, you only try to sell me what I need and my home always looks as neat after a service call as it did before. I look forward to our continuing long term relationship.
-Howard Wilchins, Potomac

You had installed a new A/C about 20 years ago; we found you were still highly rated by (a leading consumer ratings guide). Highly impressed with Chris Leonard’s ability to address our problem and concerns (and his detailed, clearly laid out proposal) –and that he would be part of the installation team, an important factor to us because of complications involved with bringing the existing system up to code.

We have a service contract with another company, but they wouldn’t do the grille work or cut an access to the flue pipe. Although another contractor, also double-check-rated in (leading consumer ratings guide), gave us a much lower estimate, Chris was able to modify the cost enough so that we felt okay with not going with the lower estimate.

Chris and the team inspired trust — from the initial proposal stage through completion of the work. They even called to let me know they were held up in traffic but would be here soon. No one ever got annoyed if I asked a question, as many contractors do. I especially appreciate Chris’s and Bill’s patience at the very end. They didn’t rush off. They explained everything. It is always stressful for me to have people working in my home for half a day, and I was not well today to boot — but they did indeed make it as comfortable an experience as it could be. Thank you!
-Bob & Laurie Sunshine, Potomac

We have been extremely pleased with the service and the techs who do the work. They are always on time and arrive looking neat and clean. If we call with a problem, we have been serviced that same day. We are very happy we switched to your company a year or so ago. Thank you.
-Joanne Lewis, Potomac

I’m always amazed (and thankful) that the level of service in this company has remained so superior over the years. You are easy to communicate with, efficient, jobs are done right the first time (that’s unheard of in this business), and provide a pleasant experience overall. Also, your website is excellent. Keep it up!
-Mr. & Mrs. Crater, Potomac

"Your technicians are always polite, professional and personable. The gentlemen who performed our new system installation were a true team, and a real pleasure to have around! "
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