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Need an AC Tune-Up in Cabin John, MD?

If you’ve recently purchased a new central air conditioner, it’s likely that your investment is still under warranty. However, did you know that most manufacturers require two heating and cooling tune-ups a year to keep your warranty valid?

At GAC Cooling & Heating (Gaithersburg Air Conditioning & Heating), we can help you with your seasonal AC tune-up in Cabin John—preferably before the cooling season starts when you’ll rely on your system the most. And when fall rolls around, we can help you with your heating tune-up, too.

GAC has provided the Cabin John area with heating and cooling services since 1970, so you know you’re getting proper, thorough AC tune-ups and inspections when you call our experts. Our primary goal is to provide excellent service and high quality products that manage rising energy costs while maintaining comfort for your family.

Contact us today to schedule your AC tune-up in Cabin John, MD. Or learn how you could save money with our Peak Performance Maintenance Plan!

Our AC Tune-Up Services in Cabin John

Your central air conditioner is made up of many vital parts that work together to keep your home cool during the hot Maryland summer. Keeping all the respective parts lubricated, tightened, and cleaned can prevent costly air conditioner breakdowns and extend the life of your unit.

During a standard AC tune-up, one of our NATE-certified HVAC technicians will:

  • Inspect and test major AC components like your blower motor, indoor and outdoor coils, compressor, condenser, evaporator, thermostat, etc.
  • Check for refrigerant leaks.
  • Replace or clean your air filter, if necessary.
  • Lubricate or tighten necessary parts and connections.
  • Alert you of any components that may need to be replaced.

Do I Need an AC Tune-Up in Cabin John?

We already mentioned that an AC tune-up is almost always required to maintain your warranty on your central air conditioner. But even if you’re not under warranty, a tune-up will still help reduce the number of in-season breakdowns—which can be costly and disruptive.

Scheduling an AC tune-up in Cabin John can also help you answer the following questions you might have:

  • Is my air conditioner currently working as effectively as it could be?
  • Why are my energy bills so high?
  • Do I need to repair or replace my central air conditioner?
  • Why are some areas of my home not being cooled?
  • Why does my air conditioner smell when it runs?
  • Why does my air conditioner make noise when it runs?
  • And more.

Schedule an AC Tune-Up and Inspection in Cabin John, MD

What makes GAC Cooling & Heating rise to the top is that we look at the total picture to provide our customers with the utmost comfort. Instead of solely focusing on the air conditioning equipment, we examine all the factors that affect a home’s comfort level. After assessing these issues, we are also available to assist customers on the questions and concerns they may have, such as why their electric bills are high and ways to lower air conditioning costs.

So when you’re ready to experience the GAC difference, contact us today to schedule your AC tune-up in Cabin John. Make sure to check out how you could save money on tune-ups and repairs with our Peak Performance Maintenance Plan!

"Your technicians are always polite, professional and personable. The gentlemen who performed our new system installation were a true team, and a real pleasure to have around! "
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