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Avoid AC Repair this Summer

The phase out of Freon (R-22) refrigerant has been in place for several years due to its harmful effect on the environment. This refrigerant was used in almost every air conditioner until manufacturers began to use the environmentally-friendly Puron (R-410) refrigerant.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been monitoring the use of Freon and just notified manufacturers that there will be a further reduction to the amount they will be allowed to produce this year. As a result, prices of the refrigerant have skyrocketed as much as 200 percent overnight with indications that it will continue to rise through the summer.

Before you panic, most systems should not need additional refrigerant – new or old. The refrigerant system is a closed loop and should not lose refrigerant under normal operating conditions. If your air conditioner is in good condition and has been maintained, additional refrigerant is usually not necessary.

Preventing Freon Leaks

Air conditioners do sometimes develop a Freon leak. An air conditioner losing refrigerant is unable to maintain comfort levels and uses more energy during operation. Years ago, many in the industry would add Freon to units with leaks each season to try to get through the cooling season. The EPA stepped in and has now made it mandatory that the air conditioning leak be repaired or equipment replaced if a system is leaking refrigerant to prevent the harmful release of these gases into the atmosphere.

The good news is that those of you with newer systems using Puron refrigerant won’t be impacted at all. Those with Freon systems that are in good working condition without refrigerant leaks should not have to worry either. If your Freon air conditioner should develop a refrigerant leak, it should be addressed immediately; the refrigerant that must be replaced will be very expensive. If you notice a problem such as excessive run time or an inability to cool your home, have your AC inspected right away.

Schedule AC Repair in Bethesda, MD

If you need AC repair in Bethesda, MD, contact GAC Cooling & Heating today. Although we repair and service all brands of air conditioning systems, we also offer top quality air conditioning replacement for systems by Bryant. By using Bryant air conditioning systems we can ensure and guarantee your comfort year round.

If you’re interested in receiving an in home estimate for AC repair in Bethesda, call us today or request AC repair online, and we will be happy to confirm an appointment with you.

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