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Duct Cleaning or Duct Sealing?

The answer could be both. Many homes experience excessive dust that can cause pollutants which can increase allergy reactions and decrease air quality. Homeowners try to stay on top of the this by replacing air filters frequently, scheduling regular maintenance, and even purchase expensive air filters just to hold back the dust. But it just keeps coming back.

The logical next step is duct cleaning right? Well maybe. Duct cleaning is a popular way to address dusty homes and in fact I read recently that 13% of Angies List members have regular duct cleaning. The keyword here is “regularly”. That’s right the dust in your duct work comes back after duct cleaning. This routine duct cleaning is not solving your problem.

What if you could not only solve your dust problem without duct cleaning, but you could reduce your annual energy cost by as much as $700.00!

duct sealing

The measured result above are from a typical Aeroseal air duct sealing process:

Have you ever asked yourself where the dust is coming from?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the average home accumulates about 40lbs of dust per year. Where is this coming from, you clean the house weekly, your have good screens on your windows, you have your HVAC serviced and air filters regularly replaced, but you still see the build up on your intake vents, tables, etc.

Let me ask you, have you cleaned behind your walls lately? Of course not, right. But what if I told you that is where the dust could be coming from. Did you know 90% of existing buildings in North America experience small holes on the duct work. These holes continually pump dust and other pollutants into your HVAC system and then out to your home.

The solution is duct sealing.

This process is simple, easy and can reduce your energy cost by as much as $700.00 per year. Duct sealing seals your ducts from the inside and is guaranteed for 10 years , no more annual duct cleaning. GAC is partnered with Aeroseal the nations oldest and best duct sealing manufacturing. One visit from our technicians and we can reduce the duct leakage by 90%.

Stop try to block the dust and stop the dust. Read more about duct sealing now or call one of our comfort consultants.

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