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Filter Replacement

When it comes to air filters, the biggest obstacle has simply been remembering to change or clean them regularly.  We cannot stress the importance of replacing your air filters enough.  In addition to removing harmful pollutants from the air in your home, your air filter protects your comfort system resulting in higher operating efficiency (lower utility bills), more comfortable temperatures and longer lasting equipment life.

Dirty filters, on the other hand, restrict airflow resulting in increased static pressure (this is the air pressure inside your duct system).  High static pressure will actually decrease the amount of conditioned air delivered to the rooms throughout your home.  This impacts both performance and comfort.  The system must run longer and harder to satisfy the desired temperature setting at your thermostat.

In addition to the comfort issues you’ll notice, lack of airflow can result in other problems.  During the heating season, your furnace may overheat damaging the heat exchanger. During the cooling season, your coil may freeze into a block of ice.  This can lead to complete motor failure or compressor damage, not to mention water damage once the ice on the coil begins to melt.  All of these issues may result in expensive repairs, decreased system lifespan and total equipment replacement.

Not only will dirty filters cause these problems, but we have found that some of the lower quality filters restrict airflow – even when they are clean!  Filters are designed to capture airborne contaminants, but must not excessively block air from passing through.  If you are using a low quality filter which impedes airflow, your system will struggle to deliver the designed amount of conditioned air to the rooms in your home.  Besides being uncomfortable, you’re losing efficiency and paying more to operate your comfort system than you should.

There are many different types of filters available.  The right filter for your home should be based on your particular concerns such as respiratory ailments, allergies, dust problems, etc. that members of your family may experience.  Options include standard one inch disposable or permanent filters, media air cleaners and electronic air cleaners.  Within each type of filter, there are options in terms of the level of filtration.  The amount and size of the particles a filter can capture is designated with a MERV rating (Minimum Efficiency Report Value).  The higher the rating, the more contaminants that are removed from the air.  Each filter is designed to last for different periods of time – from a month to a year.

When it comes to air filters, the most important thing to remember is to replace or clean them regularly.  Notice how long your filter is supposed to last and be sure to check it within that timeframe.  If members of your family have respiratory problems or allergies, choose a filter designed to remove the necessary pollutants.  If you’d like to know more about your options with regards to air filters, please visit our website at Gaithersburgair.com or call us at 877-210-6812.

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