GAC Services is committed to providing reliable, affordable HVAC services to homeowners throughout Montgomery County and Frederick County, Maryland. We understand that you can’t always plan for the unexpected, which is why we offer flexible payment options for your HVAC installation or replacement.

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Special HVAC Financing

Financing Options Available from Microf and GAC Services

We partnered with Microf, a leading financing company in the HVAC industry, to provide you with flexible payment solutions for any HVAC installation or replacement project. Microf offers hassle-free financing for all your heating and cooling needs so you do not have to access your existing funding sources like your home equity line, credit card, or bank account.

Financing plans are available in the following payment terms PLUS a Guaranteed Purchase Option Payment:

  • 23-month
  • 35-month
  • 47-month
  • 59-month

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Why Finance Your HVAC Project from GAC Services?

There are many benefits when financing your HVAC project. When you need a new heating system or cooling system installed, you can trust GAC Services and Microf to provide you with flexible payment options. So, why should you finance your next in-home project?

  • No down payment required
  • Limited declinations
  • Quick response times from Microf (usually within 24 hours upon receipt of your completed application)
  • Multiple payment options
  • Extensive contract term choices
  • Flexible and affordable payment arrangements

HVAC Installation & Replacements in Maryland

Our financing programs are available specifically for HVAC installations and replacements. Contact us to learn more about what payment option is best for you.