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Green HVAC Systems

Heating and cooling your home account for more than half of your home’s energy use and consequently, utility costs. We’re not making this up—take a look at how the Department of Energy breaks it down:

  • At 45 percent, heating accounts for the biggest portion of your home’s energy bills
  • Next up is water heating, at 18 percent
  • Following that is cooling at 9 percent
  • The rest breaks down into electronics, lighting, cooking, refrigeration, etc.

As you can see, one of the biggest opportunities for cutting down on your home’s energy use lies in your heating and cooling equipment.

So how can you make your home’s heating and cool more energy efficient? There are actually a number of ways to go about doing this, but today we’re going to discuss green HVAC equipment.

If it’s about time for you to think about your replacing your unit, chances are you might have interest in a green HVAC system—both from an environmental standpoint and a lower energy bills standpoint. (It’s still noble; we promise.)

What to Look for in a Green HVAC System

The easiest way to make sure you’re installing a green HVAC system is find one that meet the specifications of the ENERGY STAR program. And according to the Department of Energy, replacing your old HVAC system with ENERGY STAR qualified equipment can cut your annual energy bill by nearly $200.

Here are the specs:

Green Furnaces

In order to gain an ENERGY STAR label in Maryland (specifications are different in the U.S. South than they are in the U.S. North), furnaces must meet the following criteria:

Gas Furnaces:

  • 90% AFUE
  • Less than or equal to 2.0% furnace fan efficiency
  • Less than or equal to 2.0% air leakage

Oil Furnaces:

  • 85% AFUE
  • Less than or equal to 2.0% furnace fan efficiency
  • Less than or equal to 2.0% air leakage

Green (Air Source) Heat Pumps

In order to gain an ENERGY STAR label, air source heat pumps must meet the following requirements:

Split Systems:

  • 8.2 HSPF
  • 14.5 SEER
  • 12 EER

Singe Package Systems:

  • 8.0 HSPF
  • 14 SEER
  • 11 EER

Green Central Air Conditioners

In order to gain an ENERGY STAR label, central air conditioners must meet the following requirements:

Split Systems:

  • 14.5 SEER
  • 12 EER

Single Package Systems:

  • 14 SEER
  • 11 EER

Our Favorite Green HVAC Systems

You might have noticed that here at GAC, we’re fans of Bryant (and the folks at Bryant appear to be fans of us too!). One of the reasons is because almost all of Bryant’s systems are ENERGY STAR certified—making them more environmentally friendly and energy efficient than non-certified models. Many of the systems go a step further to use environmentally friendly refrigerant.

If you’re in the market for a new HVAC system and want to go green, call the experts at GAC for HVAC installation in the Frederick, MD area. We’ve serviced thousands of homes in Frederick, MD and the surrounding areas, so chances are we’ve serviced your neighbor’s home. Contact us today for more information.

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