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Is Your Heat Pump Leaking Money?

Many times, we’ll head out to a Montgomery or Frederick County home for a cooling check and we’ll notice that a heat pump isn’t cooling the home because it is low on refrigerant. Adding a pound of refrigerant to keep the home comfortable for the rest of the season is typical, but when you have a heat pump, that system is working in the winter also. Adding a little refrigerant to get through the summer is common in our industry, but be careful with your heat pump.

During the winter, your heat pump works to heat the home. You can end up damaging the system or end up with a large electric bill two to three times your normal bill because your heat pump stopped working and you didn’t know it and you were heating your home with the electric heat.Typically electric heat is only used for supplemental warmth when it becomes unusually cold. It’s not supposed to heat your whole home all the time, and you don’t want it to because of the high cost.

The moral of this story is that adding coolant to a failing heat pump is a Band-Aid that might end up costing you more in the long run. It also underscores the importance of getting your system checked twice a year, once to inspect the cooling aspects and once to inspect the heating parts of your HVAC system. If your heating and cooling technician warns you that the heat pump will need to be replaced, don’t forget about it. If you aren’t ready to replace it right away, put replacing your heat pump on your calendar for before the first frost. Otherwise, you’ll throw hundreds of extra dollars in the trash for inefficient heat that doesn’t keep you and your family comfortable. No one wants that.

Need more advice on whether your heat pump is salvageable or it’s time to buy a whole new system? Gaithersburg Air is here and ready to help. Whether you’re having a problem right now or need routine maintenance, we help Montgomery County homeowners like you save money with great service and good advice. Contact us today.

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