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Lower your Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

Fighting the summer heat in Montgomery and Frederick counties is not always easy.  Air conditioning costs are sometimes hard to control.  Therefore we thought we would provide a few energy saving tips to save some money this summer and help to lower your air conditioning costs without sacrificing your comfort:

  • Lower your Air conditioning cost by… keeping  your blinds/curtains closed during the day on windows that get direct sunlight.
  • Lower your Air conditioning cost by… making sure your outdoor unit can “breathe.”  Rinse the coil lightly with a hose if it is dirty and trim any shrubs around the unit that may impede airflow.
  • Lower your Air conditioning cost by… setting your programmable thermostat a few degrees higher when no one is home during the day.
  • Lower your Air conditioning cost by… Replacing/cleaning your air filter regularly. We offer an Air Filter Replacement program that delivers air filters right to your home.

If you have any other questions about how you can lower your air conditioning cost and stay comfortable this summer just give us a call at 877-210-6812.  Or sign-up for our e-letter to receive regular energy tips like this and other discount offers.

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