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Improve Home Heating with Programmable Thermostats

bryant-evolution-control programmable thermostats in Maryland (MD)

We had our first blast of truly cold air this week where the temperatures in Maryland dropped into the 20s. This was a clear sign that winter is on the way and heat is once again in demand. My guess is you were one of the many running to the thermostat to turn on the heat or maybe even cranking the temperature setting up to get comfortable.

It’s common to have to adjust the temperature setting on the thermostat frequently when you have a basic non-programmable thermostat. As the temperatures rise and fall and cold, outside air infiltrates your home, you definitely feel the difference. The dry winter air feels much colder than air with a higher humidity content. As a result, 70 degree air that is extremely dry will feel cooler than if your home had proper humidity levels at 70 degrees. The cold, dry air that leaks into your home during the winter will have you constantly adjusting your temperature setting. A programmable thermostat can help!

The Benefits of Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats like the Bryant Evolution Control® actually monitor the outdoor temperature and humidity levels to ensure the most comfortable home conditions. In conjunction with a whole-house humidifier, the Bryant Evolution Control will add humidity to the air in your home as needed to maintain the proper humidity levels in addition to the proper temperature settings.

The Bryant Evolution® Control also allows you to program your temperature settings to your individual preferences. The programmable thermostat can be programmed to four separate time periods each day and provides the option to set every day of the week differently. This allows you the opportunity to let the home cool down a few degrees when no one is home—saving you on unnecessary operating costs. There’s no need to maintain the same temperature setting all day while you’re at work, so why not reduce your energy costs when your home is empty? And the Evolution Control will bring the temperature in your home back to your preferred set temperature before you arrive back home.

The combination of this “smart” control, humidification, and ability to program your settings will maximize your comfort and actually allow you to save in operating costs. Programmable thermostats are a win-win situation. If you have questions about the Bryant Evolution® Control, programmable thermostats or humidifiers, contact us and we’ll have a comfort consultant answer all of your questions.

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