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Reduce Leaks and Drafts with Aeroseal

Did your mom or dad ever scold you to shut the door because “we’re not paying to heat the outdoors”? Even if you’ve got all your doors and windows shut and locked, chances are you still are paying to heat the outdoors. About 1/3 of all the air you pay to heat or cool will wind up escaping through your duct system into your walls, your attic, your basement, your crawlspace and other uninhabited areas. In return, your HVAC system is also drawing fresh air in through those same gaps and chinks in your ducts. Think about it: do you want to be breathing air from your attic or crawlspace? It’s dirty, which is unpleasant for you and makes your HVAC system work harder. Bottom line: leaky ducts mean more expensive heating and cooling bills and less comfort overall.

The solution, in most cases, is surprisingly simple. You don’t need to replace your ducts or go to any drastic extremes. We work with Montgomery County homeowners to protect their ducts using a product called Aeroseal. This duct sealer is an aerosol spray which is injected into your ducts. As tiny holes in your duct draw air toward it, the Aeroseal particles smack right into them, sealing them up tight. Now, air moves through your ducts the way it’s supposed to, and into the areas of your home where you most need comfort. The whole process takes just a few hours and can reduce leaks by up to 98%.

Sometimes, we find that people are skeptical about how much air is really escaping through their ducts. But once they’ve had Aeroseal, they’re believers. It’s not unusual to hear that after an Aeroseal treatment, homeowners are surprised to find the toilet paper fluttering in their bathroom. For the first time, their HVAC system is working to its full capacity to keep them comfortable, rather than to heat the uninhabited nooks and crannies of their home.

The duct sealing treatment comes with a 10 year warranty, and often customers see energy savings within 2-3 years that totally pay for the cost of the sealing. All in all, it’s a great solution for your wallet and for your overall comfort.

Interested in trying Aeroseal in your home? Contact GAC Cooling & Heating (Gaithersburg Air Conditioning and Heating) today. We’ll inspect your ductwork, determine if you’re a good candidate and help you understand what kinds of results you might see. Schedule your appointment now.

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