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Replacement Air Filters

Replacing your air filters on a regular basis is an extremely important part of maintaining your heating and air conditioning system. Air filters have two main functions. First, they pick up the particles in the air as they pass through the system—enhancing the air quality in your home. The other benefit is that filters protect your heating and air conditioning equipment from all the particles in the air.

If you don’t have a filter, many of the particles will cling on to the coil and other parts of the system. Over time, your system will become less efficient and cost more money to run because it is dirty.

If you need air filter replacement in Maryland, contact the experts at GAC Cooling & Heating (Gaithersburg Air Conditioning & Heating) or keep reading to learn more about the importance of replacing your air filter.

Why Is it Important to Replace Your Air Filter?

Sometimes people forget to replace their filters in a timely manner and the filter gets so dirty that it is difficult for air to pass through. During the summer, a dirty filter can cause your air conditioning coil to freeze; during the winter, your furnace can over heat from the lack of air circulation. In both cases, you become uncomfortable and it strains your system.

At GAC Cooling & Heating, we have a filter program that will fit your needs. Replacement air filters are available as single filters or by the case depending on the filter.

Basic Replacement Air Filters

Good replacement air filters have two main functions. They protect your equipment from the contaminants that float in the air and also improve air quality. If the replacement filter didn’t catch the particles, the contaminants could get caught on the coil and other parts of your HVAC system. Over time, replacing your air filters will reduce your energy efficiency and your comfort.

Replacement air filters are typically measured by a MERV rating. MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. The higher the MERV rating, the more efficient the replacement air filter is in initially capturing particles. A good MERV rating for one inch thick air filters is between 8 and 11. Most of the replacement air filters that we carry are a MERV 8 filter. These tend to last four to eight weeks depending on your home’s dynamics (system run time, number of people, pets, etc.).

  • All one inch thick standard size MERV 8 replacement air filters can be delivered by the case (12 in a case) to your door for $99.
  • All one inch thick standard size MERV 11 filters can be delivered by the case (12 in a case) to your door for $129.
  • We can also order custom size filters as well for an additional $50 per case.

Standard 1 inch thick size replacement air filters are as follows:

10 X 10

15 X 20

18 X 22

22 X 22

24 X 24

10 X 20

15 X 25

18 X 24

20 X 20

24 X 30

18 X 25

20 X 24 25 X 25

20 X 25

20 X 30

12 X 12

14 X 20

16 X 20

12 X 20 14 X 25

16 X 24

12 X 24

16 X 25

12 X 36

16 X 32

To request a replacement air filter order please click the button below and fill out the request form. Please allow approximately two weeks to receive the air filters.

Our replacement air filter program makes it easy for you to purchase quality filters. Just fill out the form below and let us know what size replacement air filter you need.

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We offer replacement air filters in Gaithersburg and Frederick, MD areas. Click here to see if we service your town!

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