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Save Money with a Smart Furnace

It seems like everything comes with a microchip in it these days: cars, refrigerators and even toilets are all advertised as “smart.” Is it any surprise that furnaces are following suit? These miracle machines work in hundreds of tiny ways to keep you more comfortable and save you money on energy bills—what’s not to love?

Our favorite furnace recommendation for Montgomery County homeowners is the Evolution gas furnace from Bryant. EnergyStar, a government agency focusing on energy efficiency, has rated the Evolution one of the most efficient furnaces on the market today. You could save up to 23% on your energy bills thanks to the ultra-efficient furnace. But why else should you love Evolution?

  • When Gaithersburg AC & Heating installs the Evolution furnace with the Evolution thermostat, as we recommend, a whole new world opens up for you. Your thermostat becomes mission control for your whole-house comfort system. Change your humidifier, heat and air from one easy-to-use panel, get filter change reminders and program your home to automatically adjust to the perfect temperature.
  • Better maintenance. When a qualified technician comes to your home, he or she can work with the furnace to get incredibly detailed information about how it’s functioning, what needs an extra-tune up and where any trouble areas might be. It can help small problems from turning into big headaches and keep your furnace operating at its best.
  • It can perform in a number of applications and ranges in efficiency from 80% to up to 97%!  Depending on your home and your specific needs are requirements the Bryant Evolution Furnace is a great option to assist with saving you money and staying comfortable.
  • We all know that if you don’t like the weather in Montgomery County, just wait ten minutes and it’ll change. In the winter, that can often mean plummeting temperatures that leave your furnace struggling to keep up. But the Evolution furnace starts on a low warming cycle and gradually adjusts upward as the weather gets colder. That means no more uncomfortably cold mornings or blasts of heat—it’s constant, steady and cozy.
  • Noise reduction. Stop shouting over the sound of your furnace.  These Evolution furnaces are quiet!

Still not sure if an Evolution furnace is right for you? We’d love to help you determine the best heating system for your home. We service all of Montgomery & Frederick County, including Rockville, Germantown, Potomac, Olney and Clarksburg, and would love to help you live a more comfortable and efficient lifestyle with a new furnace.

"Your technicians are always polite, professional and personable. The gentlemen who performed our new system installation were a true team, and a real pleasure to have around! "
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