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When Do You Need an HVAC Second Opinion?

Have you ever gone to the doctor and felt there was something not quite right about their recommendation? In that case, you go get a second opinion. Sometimes they confirm that the first doctor was right, but sometimes they find another explanation or a simpler solution to your problem. We see the same thing in HVAC all the time.

For instance, recently a Frederick County homeowner came to us for a second opinion. The first HVAC company they called said they would need to replace the heat exchange on their furnace. This is a costly repair that can cost several thousand dollars. Understandably, they wanted to make sure that was the issue, so they called us.

Our technician came and took a look at the furnace, but wasn’t convinced the heat exchange was to blame for their problems. He decided to take a look at their outside vent, just to make sure nothing was blocking it and keeping it from working. Sure enough, the vent was almost entirely blocked by mud dauber wasp nests. We were able to clear that out and resolve their problem for just over $100 rather than thousands. Not to mention replacing the heat exchange wouldn’t have made any difference if the vent was still blocked.

If you ever feel that you’d like a second opinion on your HVAC system, you should never hesitate to ask. In this case, the client asked a different company for a fresh set of eyes, but we even offer second opinions on our technicians. If you ever feel that there’s something more going on or our technician might have missed something, we’ll send another technician to your house at no charge to make sure everything’s in order. In the end, we’re interested in building a long-term relationship with you, and we want to make sure we’ve really solved your problem. Sometimes a second look is all you need.

Whether this is your first opinion or your second, we’d love to talk to you about your HVAC system. Contact GAC today and we’ll help you diagnose your problems, replace your system or get you on a maintenance plan that keeps your system humming all year round. Click here to schedule your appointment today.

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