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Why Do I Need a Maintenance Agreement

Many of our customers understand the value and peace of mind that comes with our Peak Performance Maintenance Agreements .   Our Maintenance Agreements include two separate maintenance inspections of your comfort system in conjunction with discounts on repairs and guaranteed priority service.  But are you really aware of their purpose?

The benefit of discounts on repairs is obvious.  Guaranteed priority service means that in a situation where your system goes down we typically get to your home that day and we will definitely have a comfort consultant at your home within 24 hours.  During the intense heat of summer when your air conditioner fails and most service companies have a two week waiting list, the benefit of priority service is obvious as well.

The most important part of the Maintenace Agreement is the regular maintenance to your heating and cooling system.  Regular maintenance serves several purposes, the first being to maintain peak efficiency of your system.  If your system is new, you want it to continue to perform exactly how the manufacturer intended.  It was designed and installed to condition your home’s air comfortably while minimizing energy consumption.  As the years go by, your system will become less efficient if not maintained properly and you may notice some discomfort.  This may be evident in higher utility bills, short run cycles, increase in noise levels during operation, poor airflow, etc.  These can be avoided by properly maintaining your comfort system.

Regular maintenance will also help to avert possible equipment failure.  Certain inefficiencies may result in excessive wear on parts of your system leading to premature failure.  With regular maintenance, your system is kept in peak operating condition to reduce the chance of an in season breakdown and avoid such unnecessary, costly repairs thus extend its life over that of a neglected system.

Regular maintenance allows you to take a proactive approach, rather than reactive.  How many utility bills would be paid before you notice a gradual increase caused by an inefficient comfort system?  Poorly maintained systems tend to fail during times of maximum usage such as the “dog days of summer” or sub-freezing temperatures.  With regular inspections, you will always be aware of the condition of your system and any repairs/replacements can be performed when it is convenient for you.

New heating and cooling systems are defenately an investment.  If you just purchased a new system, it only makes sense to properly maintain it and if you have an old system and would like to get more life and comfort out of the system, a maintenace agreement may be just what you need.

Whether you choose an annual maintenance program or have your comfort system checked periodically, regular maintenance has proven beneficial.  There are many factors that determine the frequency with which you should have preventive maintenance performed such as system age, system design, filter quality, heating/cooling load, etc.  Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t think about their comfort system until something goes wrong.  We suggest that you be proactive – Keep your system running efficiently and correct the potential problems before they become major headaches.

If you have more questions about our maintenance agreement you can visit our website at gaithersburgair.com or call us at 877-210-6812.

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