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Why Does My Furnace Blow Cold Air?

Your furnace blowing cold air is certainly a frustrating problem to have. Clearly, that’s not what that sucker is supposed to do!

However, before you pick up the phone to call GAC for furnace repair, we have a few steps for you to follow to make sure this is a matter for the pros:

When Your Furnace Blows Cold Air…

Step 1: Do nothing. And by that, we mean wait about a minute to see if the air heats up. Your furnace’s heating cycle begins when your thermostat detects that the temperature in your room has dropped below the temperature set on your thermostat. Once the heating cycle begins, it can take a few seconds for the warm air from your furnace to reach your vents, so it might blow out the cold air from your ductwork in the meantime.

Step 2: Check your thermostat. There are a few things you should check for. First, make sure it’s set to “heat” and above room temperature. Next, you’re going to want to check your fan settings. If your fan is set to “ON,” your system will blow air whether your furnace is on or not. That could be why your furnace is blowing cold air. If you switch it to “auto,” it will only blow (warm) air when you need it. If all of this is correct but your furnace is still blowing cold air, there could be a thermostat malfunction. But let’s not conclude that just yet.

Step 3: This step is a little more involved than the other two. If you have a gas furnace, you’ll need to check the gas valve to make sure it’s open. A closed gas valve will prevent you from getting any heat from your furnace! If this isn’t the case, check your pilot light while you’re down there (note: newer furnaces don’t have pilot lights). If your pilot light is out, this could explain why your furnace blows cold air.

Step 4: Consult a professional. We’ve all got our talents. Troubleshooting a furnace just might not be yours. Lucky for you, we do this sort of thing all the time.

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