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Why You Need an Experienced HVAC Contractor

There are some heating and cooling problems that are easy to identify and fix. A tech is going to notice right away if there’s a coolant leak in your air conditioner, or if there’s a faulty pilot light. But sometimes, it takes a little out-of-the-box thinking to solve a problem. Recently, we were able to help a Montgomery County homeowner fix a problem that had been plaguing their family for more than three years.

The customer noticed persistent problems with their air conditioning system. It just wasn’t working right or getting their home cool enough. Over the years, they had five different companies to their house to look at the problem. None of the solutions they found worked. Even when they called us, it took us a few visits to narrow down the problem area. After all, the system seemed to work but refrigerant seemed to be escaping from somewhere.   After reviewing the equipment in detail we figured this leak had to be in the line.  It is very rare for a system to have a leak in the line but it happens.  There are refrigerant lines between the AC system and the coil that sits on the furnace.  These lines run through the walls of the home.

When we cut a small hole in the wall, we saw the problem: There was a nail which punctured the refrigerant line! Of course the air conditioner couldn’t work properly with two holes in the line. But how did it happen? It turns out that three years ago, the family had a contractor do some work on their home. While hanging trim, the contractor put a nail in the wrong place. The trim looked great, but the AC problems had persisted ever since.

This was an extremely difficult to find problem. It required time and special expertise to narrow the problem down to the internal system, rather than the air conditioner unit itself. And it required a willingness to think outside the box for new solutions to problems. Even we were surprised when we found the nail, but mostly, we were glad we could finally give the customer the comfort they’d been missing for years. It just goes to show how important it is to choose an experienced Maryland HVAC contractor for your home.

If other companies haven’t been able to solve your problem, maybe we can help. We’d love the chance to make you and your family feel more comfortable in your home.

"Your technicians are always polite, professional and personable. The gentlemen who performed our new system installation were a true team, and a real pleasure to have around! "
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