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What Is a Zoning System?

Are you looking to improve your winter heating comfort in Rockville, MD? You should consider a zoning system! A zoning system is meant to improve many of the comfort issues you experience while also improving energy efficiency. The design of some homes may cause challenges with comfortably heating/cooling certain rooms or even entire floors. Examples may be rooms above garages, areas on concrete slabs or above crawl spaces, rooms with vaulted ceilings, sunrooms, etc. These scenarios inherently create unique challenges in maintaining even, comfortable temperatures throughout your home.

The Benefits of a Zoning System

A basic heating system will overcompensate for temperature variances in your home by pushing conditioned air throughout your entire home, even those areas that don’t need it—resulting in uneven temperatures and higher energy bills. That’s where the zoning system comes in.

The zoning system heats only those areas which need it—allowing you to enjoy more comfortable, even temperatures throughout your home. Because your system is only delivering conditioned air to the necessary areas, energy consumption is decreased. Your system operates much more efficiently—saving you money on your energy bills.

How Does a Zoning System Work?

A zoning system consists of a control, automatic motorized dampers and temperature sensors working in conjunction with your heating system. The dampers are placed inside the supply ducts to control the airflow to specific areas of your home. The temperature sensors are located in the separate zones of your home. It’s similar to having a separate thermostat in each area communicating with your heating system—allowing each zone to be heated independently.

When any of the zones are calling for heating (based on your desired set point at your thermostat), the thermostat signals your heating system. The zone control determines which zones need heating based on the temperature sensors in each zone. The dampers are automatically closed in the supply lines to those zones which do not need heating and opened in those that do need heating.

Where Can Zoning Systems be Installed?

Unfortunately, zoning systems can’t be installed in every home. The duct design in your home must be fabricated in a manner which allows for the appropriate zoning. The supply lines must also be accessible in order to install the zone dampers. Contact GAC Cooling & Heating today to inspect your system to determine whether the zoning system would be right for your home.

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