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Your Ducts are Leaking Money

The typical duct system leaks approximately one-third of the air passing through it. This air loss can cost hundreds of dollars a year in energy expenses. This is air you are paying to heat/cool in order to maintain a comfortable home, but instead is leaking into attics, walls, crawl spaces, etc. To compensate, your system has to work overtime to try to keep up resulting in excessive energy expenses, poor comfort and undue stress on your comfort system.

We’ve discussed the Whole House Approach to Comfort in the past and touched on the impact of your duct system. The location of your supply/return registers, the resistance and airflow capacity resulting from the design of your duct system will help or hinder system performance and your comfort. Another major factor is duct leakage. It’s a known fact that all duct systems leak air, the question is to what degree or more importantly, to what result.

If you’ve noticed vents that produce very little airflow in certain rooms, significant temperature differences room to room, the area around your indoor unit is always hot/cold depending on the season, high humidity in the summer, high energy usage or your system seems to run all the time; these are all symptoms of typical duct leakage.

The majority of your duct system is hidden away between floors, walls, attics and crawl spaces. Each and every connection, seam and transition has leakage. The bottom line is conditioned air is leaking into areas outside your living space instead of being delivered to where you need it. In addition, leakage in return duct draws air in from all these unwanted areas. Not only is this affecting your air quality, but air from an attic/crawlspace brings with it extreme temperatures and humidity which creates additional challenges for your system to overcome.

Because most of the duct is inaccessible, it’s been something that we just had to live with. However, we’ve uncovered a technology that allows you to seal the duct system from the inside with virtually no interruption to the living space of the home. Aeroseal is a product that allows you to quantify the actual leakage, seal the holes and measure the improvement in real-time during the process. The end result: improved comfort, reduced energy usage and better air quality.

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